A Framework for Reflection

You can use these questions as a way to reflect on the readings in a way that links the reflection to the pattern of the Lord’s prayer.
Questions to ask ourselves having read the passages.

  • What in these passages speaks to us of who God is, reminds us of some facet of God’s greatness or our thankfulness to God?
  • Is there something here to inspire us, challenge us or to help us to intercede and/or to work for God’s will to be more fully seen here and now on earth?
  • Are we reminded of anything that we need from God to continue as faithful followers of Christ?
  • Does what we have read highlight anything in our own lives that we need to seek God’s mercy for? Does it make us aware of anything we need to let go of or forgive?
  • Are we alerted to something that might endanger our faithfulness to God?