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If you’d like a physical or e-book version of these prayers you can get some. The paperback:
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and the e-book:
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The blurb:

Responding to the request “Teach us to pray”, Jesus outlined a pattern of prayer with five basic movements of prayer. We call this outline “the Lord’s Prayer” and often simply recite it. The five kinds of praying patterned in the Lord’s prayer form the basic structure for the body of the prayers in this book. This is a collection of forms for prayer day-by-day. Each day’s form has an initial section for reflecting on scripture and then the rest of the form is patterned by the Lord’s Prayer with a variety of words and phrases which combine seasonal and biblical themes. Many of the prayers draw directly and indirectly from scripture. They also draw inspiration from Celtic, Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox and other ecumenical sources. These forms of prayer are written so as to be used by groups as well as lone pray-ers. This collection of prayers is also a helpful resource to supplement or enrich other