The season of Epiphany starts on 6 January and ends on 1 February. It highlights Christ’s revelation to the world and fulfilment of the desires of the ages. The biblical themes recalled are the visit of the Magi, Christ’s Baptism and the first miracle ie changing of water into wine.  On 2 February, we celebrate the Presentation (of Christ at the Temple) aka Candlemas


Let us pray that the flame of God’s loving presence may spring up in our hearts and transform us by the knowledge of divine glory.
A light or lights may be lit as the following prayer is said by all:
We take refuge in the Divine Light,
The Flame of Truth
The soul’s Ray
We take refuge in the Embodiment of Glory
The Lamp of our path
The Essence of love

              [Based on a prayer from the Church of South India]

As we hear the scriptures read, may they lead us to the Christ, and may we find in Jesus the fulfilment of all our searching.
Psalm[s] and reading[s].
Blessed are those who hear the word of God
And do it.
Quiet and/or shared reflection. A framework for reflection, using the pattern of the Lord’s prayer may be used.
At Jesus’s baptism, a voice from heaven said, ‘This is my Son, the Beloved, with whom I am well pleased.’
We see and testify that this is the Son of God.
[See Matthew 3:17 & John 1:34 ]

The Nunc dimittis (The Song of Simeon) may be said or chanted together.
Now, Lord, you let your servant go in peace:
your word has been fulfilled.
My own eyes have seen the salvation
which you have prepared in the sight of every people:
a light to reveal you to the nations
and the glory of your people Israel.

[ELLC translation of Luke 2:29-32]
Hallowed be your name, Father, through the Son in the Holy Spirit;
as in the beginning, so now and for ever. Amen.

Be exalted O God, above the heavens
And your glory be over all the earth.
Your loving-kindness is higher than the heavens
Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.
       …expressions of praise and thanks may be made silently or aloud …
Our God in heaven, father and mother to us, Hope of the nations, Fulfilment of the desires of the ages
Hallowed be your name
Concerns and biddings for the good of the world and God’s desires may be mentioned here or after the following petitions.

In a world needing wisdom to read its own stars, faithful God,
glorify your name.
Among those who are excluded and held at the margins, faithful God,
glorify your name.
In the search for meaning and fullness of life, faithful God,
glorify your name.
In the naming and framing of new knowledge, faithful God,
glorify your name.
       …other petitions may be made…

In pursuit of God’s just and gentle ways, we find ourselves in need of means and sustenance
       Pause to recognise our needs
As you provide for us, sustain us and equip us to serve you,
faithful God,
glorify your name.

We turn again to recognise that our ways have too often not followed God’s agenda and we have strayed from God’s priorities.
       …. Pause to bring our wrongs repentantly to God…
As we turn from our sins and turn to Christ this day,
faithful God,
glorify your name.
We have failed to extend to others the courtesy of the forgiveness and forbearance we ourselves enjoy and rely upon.
… we recall before God our sense of being wronged and release forgiveness …
As we forgo our claims on others for revenge and recompense for wrongs
faithful God,
glorify your name.

As we seek to be guided by the star of Christ’s coming and be faithful to our baptism, let us reflect on what challenges to our faithfulness and integrity the coming hours may bring, and pause respectfully before the many unknowns of our future.
Pause for recollection.
Today into our lives we weave
The ways of God with the air we breathe.
Facing times of trial and stress
We call upon God’s power to bless.
When we pass through joyful things
We make to God our thanksgivings.
All who in body or mind we meet
may God through us both touch and greet.
In every task and deed that’s done
We weave the purpose of the Son.

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