Thy Kingdom Come -short form

This version of the fuller ‘Thy Kingdom Come‘ office can be prayed in around 5 minutes or a bit more depending on how much time you take bringing your own thoughts, reflections and how big the pauses and readings you use are. It could be suitable as a midday office amid work.

Together with all in Christ, we wait
Come Holy Spirit; soak into our deepest being
We pray together with all your people
Come Holy Spirit; breeze through our staleness
We will hear the scriptures together
Come Holy Spirit; fire up our imaginations for good

         Psalm and readings.

Together we say:
We will receive power
when the Holy Spirit comes upon us;
And we will be Jesus’ witnesses
to the ends of the earth

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
You have blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Christ
And now we give you thanks because in Christ you embed us in your mission, and you equip us by the Holy Spirit.
Hallowed be your name!

As the Good News is shared, let it soften hearts and change minds.
Your Spirit is working:
Your Kingdom come.

Draw those who have newly heard Christ’s call, to heed their vocation and to be nurtured and baptised
      We are encouraged to pray for 5 friends, neighbours and family members in #ThyKingdomCome 2021. To help you to do that there’s a form of prayer based on the Lord’s prayer flow here. You could use it at this point in this office-prayer.
Your Spirit is working:
Your Kingdom come.

Equip us to work with you,
enthuse us to hold our course true.
Send forth your Spirit:
And renew the face of our lives.

We recognise we’ve quenched your Spirit and resisted sharing your good news

Breathe upon us the breath of life:
And renew the face of our lives.
Make our hearts clean, O God
And re-form a right spirit within us.
Let us attend; Christ breathes upon us the peace and forgiveness of God.

God invites us into his work in creation and redemption, let us pray not to miss our path.

Who is it that we seek?
We seek God: Sender, Sent and Sending.
Since we live by the Spirit,
let us keep in step with the Spirit.

This order is a shortened form of the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ office.

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