Magnificat Days in Climate Emergency

This form of prayer is for use on days when Mary the mother of Jesus is remembered. Principally 15 August but also 25 March, 8 September are other days she is traditionally remembered. This form uses the Magnificat from Luke 1:46ff as its main inspiration.

A woman in the crowd raised her voice and said to Jesus, ‘Blessed is the womb that bore you and the breasts that nursed you!’ But Jesus said, ‘Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it!’  [i]

As we hear God’s word, Holy Spirit, come upon us:
Power of the Most High, overshadow us.

Psalms and readings are announced and read.

We will treasure these words
and ponder them in our hearts

Reflection (together with others where possible), silently and/or aloud

Here we are, servants of the Lord;
let it be with us according to your word.

After the readings and reflection, a canticle may be said or sung. The most suitable is the following.

A song from scripture based on the 

Magnificat (The Song of Mary)
My soul proclaims your greatness O Lord;
my spirit rejoices in you O God our Saviour,
You have looked with favour on your lowly servant.
From this day all generations will call us blessed:
Almighty, you have done great things for us,
and holy is your name.
You have mercy on those who fear you
from generation to generation.
You have shown strength with your arm
and scattered the proud in their conceit,
casting down the mighty from their thrones
and lifting up the lowly.
You have filled the hungry with good things,
and sent the rich away empty.
You have come to the help of your servant Israel,
remembering your promise of mercy,
the promise made to our forebears,
to Abraham and his children forever. [ii]

From our hearts we magnify You, O Lord,
We rejoice in the spirit O God our Saviour,
You have shown favour to your lowly servants.
You have remembered your promises of mercy

  … Songs and/or words of praise and thanksgiving could be shared here…
Almighty, you have done great things for us
and holy is your name.

Show strength with your arm, O God
scatter the proud in the imaginations of their hearts.
Cast down the mighty from their thrones
Send away oppressors
Restore the earth and renew her lifeways
Free her from her exploiters.

Concerns for the planet, climate, society, the church and individuals are shared …

Lift up the lowly.
Fill the hungry with good things     

We consider what we need to continue serving God …

Lest we be scattered from God’s purposes, brought down, or sent away empty, let us repent; asking and offering forgiveness.

Pause to reflect on forgiving and being forgiven.
Have mercy upon us
According to your promises.
Have mercy upon us
And show us favour
Have mercy upon us
As we in turn have mercy.

God says to all who repent; Do not be afraid, for you have found favour with God.’        

Though the Lord be high, he watches over the lowly.
Let’s pause to give our coming hours over to God’s guiding and guarding
Though we walk in the midst of trouble, O God;
you will preserve us.
You will stretch forth your hand against the fury of our enemies;
your right hand will save us.
Make good your purpose for us;
your loving-kindness, O Lord, endures for ever
forsake not the work of your hands.
Make good your purpose for us. [iii]

From this day forward may we be blessed
For the Almighty does great things for us.

[i] Luke 11:27-8

[ii] Based on the ELLC translation of Luke 1:46-55.

[iii] Ps.138:6-8

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