Daily Prayer in Climate Emergency

This is the landing page for the co-creation and testing-out of daily prayers in the climate emergency. If you’re here to participate please find links below to the offices of each day. This is a growing collection and not yet complete, so come back here to see what’s new. The hope is that every few days in the next handful of weeks, a new office /form will be posted. Please simply use them in your own regular prayer times. Any thoughts or comments you have, put into the comments section to be collected in due course. I hope that sometime after COP26 in Glasgow, to revise on the basis of comments and any insights that COP26 in Glasgow might add.

Don’t feel constrained to only use forms on their named day; for a little while not all the days will be available, so praying them a handful of times regardless of which day of the week it is, may be fair enough. It’s worth considering that praying the forms several times before commenting may be useful -letting the phrases etc settle in can be helpful.

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There is also a ‘climate office‘ where the focus is much more on the climate crisis -just in case you’d like to use that occasionally.

Here’s the basic thinking behind the daily forms…

Many governments and organisations and churches have recognised that we are in a climate emergency, echoing the deep and consuming concerns of many of us about the accelerating effects of human production of carbon dioxide through industrial processes producing extreme weather events more frequently and changing the biomes of the world faster than living forms can adapt, leading to extinctions and precarity where once there was abundance. Added to this we find ourselves contemplating the harms of plastics leaking into ecosystems and the loss of natural wonders and beauty.

As we pray daily, many of the resources we have inherited to help us in our regular prayer, often do not acknowledge the climate emergency (many because they were written before it). On the other hand there are other prayer resources make the environment and climate concerns the whole of their concern. The difficulty with those which do not really mention it, is that we find ourselves not offered explicit encouragements, ways or words to lay before God our climate-related concerns. Yet, as we pray, those concerns are there with us and within us anyway -tangling up mentally with the words and prayers laid out for us to use. Yet, the difficulty with the very focused liturgies -that present only environmental themes and prayers- is that we do also come with other concerns in our hearts and minds: we still have work and family concerns, matters among our friends and in our churches, projects and outreach which are not directly related to climate change.

The main principle of the materials in this collection of daily prayer for climate emergency, is to work between those two approaches, holding both together. So, the aim is to acknowledge climate concerns explicitly and to offer words and ideas in prayer that allow for environmental appreciation, reflection and distress to be expressed and also to give room and means to reflect on and express other, everyday, concerns and other areas of interest to be laid before God. In short, to enable regular prayer in a climate emergency where other aspects of life go on.

Being as this is a collection under the ‘our commen prayer’ banner, there is a basic commitment to the main part of the prayers following the outline and commitments of the Lord’s Prayer -check out the principles here.