Bits and bobs

On this page I’m intending to collect short pieces relating to praying the Lord’s prayer. Either they will be links or sometimes a few sentences.

Here’s a paraphrase from a colleague, Derek Avery

Loving Mother/ Father God, Cherisher and Guardian of us all May your name be revered above all names. May your loving presence be felt throughout the whole universe, May we, your children, be the conduits of your love, which you pour out on your entire creation, Make our earth your heaven. Give us today we pray just what we need, nothing more, Allow us to learn from our own stupid mistakes So that we can allow others to make their own. Help us not to be seduced by things that really do not matter And keep us from all that harms each other and your creation For Indeed our world, the cosmos and the whole universe Is (and will remain) yours for ever and ever. Amen

I especially liked the ‘stupid’ mistakes bit. There’s a meditative video of it too.

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