Fridays in climate emergency

These climate emergency prayers are offered with the hope that you will help refine them. Please consider responding to some or all of the questions at the end in the comments box to help in the refining and reworking process.

On Fridays, many of the prayers reflect the theme of the temptations, the passion and crucifixion of Christ.

There is a brief guide to the principles informing daily prayer in climate emergency here.

Audio to accompany liturgy

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— ɷˡˡ̷ —

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul longs after you, O God.
My soul thirsts for you, the living God.

What is it that we seek?
We seek God’s reign and righteousness.
Let’s seek with all our reflecting
Amen. God be our wisdom.
Let’s seek with all our attentiveness
Amen. God be our centre
Let’s seek with all our valuing
Amen. God be our vision.
Let’s seek with all our efforts
Amen. God be our souls’ shelter

On the cross, Jesus framed fracturing-life’s ebb with words from scripture,
May we frame our lives’ flow primed by God’s word. Let us attend!

Psalm[s] and reading[s].
A reflective pause… A collect may be said

Jesus call us to faith in Him.
…. [pause for reflection]
Lord, we believe,
help us in our unbelief.

The Song of Christ’s Glory

Though in the form of God,
Christ disregarded equality with God
as something to be held.
Jesus disrobed himself,
taking on the form of a slave.
Born in human likeness;
found in human form.
Christ humbled himself
bowing even to death on a cross.
So God highly exalted him
giving him the name above every name.
meaning at the name of Jesus
every knee should bow,
in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue confess
that Jesus Christ is Lord,
to the glory of God the Father.

[From Philippians 2]

We will give God thanks:
You are our help and our God.
Blessèd and hallowed be your name, compassionate, gracious and merciful God: you seek us out in the desert wastes of our sin, you exchange beauty of reconciliation for the ashes of our rebellion, and you set within our hearts a bittersweet delight in what you have made.

Further praise and thanks may be shared.

Father in heaven
Hallowed be your name.

The forces that brought Jesus to the Cross still act, driving us all towards End of life, we pray for those who hunger and thirst for all to be made right, that they may be filled

Your kingdom come, your will be done:
Let us live by the word that comes from your mouth.

In a world full, and ever fuller, of insecurity and danger, we pray for the protection of the vulnerable

Your kingdom come, your will be done:
Let us live by the word that comes from your mouth.

In a world where powers and wealth slip from accountability, we pray for those who make decisions affecting the lives of people and planet

Your kingdom come, your will be done:
Let us live by the word that comes from your mouth.

In a world needing the ministry of angels in many guises, some unawares, we pray for the needs and concerns known to us.

Your kingdom come, your will be done:
Let us live by the word that comes from your mouth.

In a world where there is bread enough for all, we remember those who do not have and pray for the will and means of supply, globally and locally. In the abundance of this earth preserve and repair the web of life which sustains us.
There is a prayer guide here and other resources here to help pray about climate-related matters
Your kingdom come, your will be done:
Let us live by the word that comes from your mouth
seeking first your kingdom & righteousness, may all things needful be added to us.
Prayers for needs may be voiced….
You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.

Search us, O God, and know our hearts;
test and know our thoughts.
See if there is any wicked way in us,
and lead us in the way everlasting
[see Ps.139:23-4]
pause for reflection

Our souls cleave to the dust;  
give us life according to your word.
Take from us the way of falsehood;   
be gracious to us.
We would run in the way of your forgiveness:
set our hearts at liberty.

O Soul be joyful; the loving God stretches out his merciful hand to you.

Make us instruments of your peace:
and let your glory be over all the earth.
…pause to reflect on the coming day…
Tempted to breaden stones:
May your Word give us life.
Tested by intimations of invincibility:
Make us wise in your ways.
Trialled by the seductions of power:
Keep us true to you.

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Questions, having prayed these words: are there any phrases or structures that you found helpful or that you particularly liked? Are there any changes that occurred to you that could be helpful? Is there anything missing or that needs tweaking?

Daily Prayer in climate emergency navigation page -for reference.

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