Sundays in climate emergency

There is a brief guide to the principles informing daily prayer in climate emergency here.

Sunday’s prayers commemorate Jesus’ rising from death.

— ɷˡˡ̷ —

Listen and join in with the parts in bold

Source of all life, as a child to her mother:
We turn to you
Saviour of all life, as music to song:
We turn to you.
Sustainer of all life, as a flower towards the sun:
We turn to you.

Our hearts tell of your word, ‘Seek my face.’
Your face, Lord, will we seek

The Psalms and Reading[s] then a time of quiet and/or shared reflection.

After the readings:
Here ends the reading and reflecting.
Here begins its outworking.

Jesus asks.
Do you Love me?
A few moments to respond inwardly
Together may we say:
Lord, you know that we love you.
Jesus says: “Tend my sheep”, “Follow me”.

A collect may be said.

Blessèd are you, God, redeemer and life-giver;
to you be glory and praise for ever!
In the beginning, you spoke the world into being from the unformed emptiness.
In Christ you spoke the Word of life into the unmaking void of death,
raising your Life from death and enfolding us in that victory.
God of new and eternal life:
Hallowed be your name

We ask for God’s eternal-life-giving to be manifest in our world, saying: Living God:
glorify your name
Concerns for the world and its people are brought before God, either at this point closing with the series of one-line responses below, or after that series or using each one-liner to prompt further prayers. There is a prayer guide here a selection of prayer concerns relating to the environment here and other resources here to help pray about climate-related matters.

In this world rent with sin and death, let us find blessings and common grace; (especially we consider …) Living God:
glorify your name.

In our world’s global community and living systems; (especially we consider …)
Living God:
glorify your name.

In your church as we proclaim your new life in thought and word and deed; (especially we consider …) Living God:
glorify your name.

Among all whose lives our lives touch, friends, colleagues and families; Living God: (especially we consider …)
glorify your name.

In our laughter, and tears, in our fear and our hope; (especially we consider …) Living God:
glorify your name.

In our needs and weakness in our provision and supply; Living God:
glorify your name.  
(we consider our own needs before God …)
Glorify your name, Provisioning God:
glorify your name in all the earth
[Rewritten from a prayer in Patterns of Worship, 1995]

Ever-compassionate God, we come to you sorrowing for dishonouring you and for our part in the marring of creation and disrespect for our neighbours.
Recollection of what we need to confess.
We have lived aside from truth and away from fullness of Life.
Merciful God, forgive us.
And restore us to life.
We have laid others in the tomb of our unforgiveness, withholding the word of life.
Forgive us, Merciful God
And restore us to life-giving.
Let us attend; Christ breathes upon us the peace and forgiveness of God.
a moment for quiet reflection on our forgiveness.
Who will rescue us from this body of death?
Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!

As we seek to forge a new future living the new life of Christ let us reflect on what the coming hours may bring, and pause to recognise the unexpected and unforeseeable will be part of our future .

When temptation seems to entomb us,
Roll away the stone.
When our values seem tested to destruction
Raise our hopes to new life.
When good and right ways ahead seem closed,
Help us to find your way through.
When we go forward expecting to anoint the dead
Surprise us with your Life.
When we walk in the old order of sin and death
Walk beside us, remind us of your purposes and reveal yourself to us afresh.
You have created us in Christ for good,
Help us to walk the paths you have prepared for us.


There is a brief guide to the principles informing daily prayer in climate emergency here.

Daily Prayer in climate emergency navigation page -for reference.

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